Educational Programs

Opportunity awaits you...

Opportunity awaits you at the Alexander County Senior Center!

Alexander County Senior Center

Educational Programs

Mental agility is also important. A wide range of experiences including a Musicians’ Jam, art & crafts, use of modern technology in our computer lab, a lending library that includes large print books and audio books – for free! We have speakers that do presentations on a wide-range of topics related to senior health, Medicare issues, nutrition, exercise, and services.

Each year between October through December, we help seniors with Medicare Open Enrollment to pick the best Drug Plan for them. Come by in September to pick-up a form to fill out with your Medicare information, name, etc…. and a list of the medicines you take. We will run those through the Medicare database and let you know which plan will cover you best for the next year.
For 2018, we saved seniors $469,542.
For 2017, we saved seniors $489,800.
For 2016, we saved our seniors $516,108 during Medicare Open Enrollment, simply by finding the Drug Plan that covers YOUR medicine best. PLEASE come see us and let us help you save money for next year!

AAPR uses our building once a month and has interesting guest speakers.